Civil Engineering

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1 110f1civil engineering 8a29cur general civils works include, concrete and asphalt surfacing construction, drainage works, installation of pit and duct systems, footpath construction and rehabilitation works, and ground work solutions in the following sectors:

Local Highway Authorities

Airports, Airfields and Highways

DIO Contractors on MOD establishments

Other Government service providers such as the NHS and Local Authorities

Government Funded Private Companies

Retail Land Management Companies

Supermarkets, Factories, HGV Parks and Industrial Estates

Exhibition Centres and Business Parks

Car Park Maintenance projects

Community Centres


Within our civils portfolio we are able to undertake the following types of projects:

1 110f1construction 057e5We are highly experienced in full depth reconstruction, earthworks, excavation, base construction, concrete and bituminous surfacing.

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We can accommodate all project requirements: clean and dirty water drainage from deep drainage, holding and attenuation tanking systems, surface drainage systems and sustainable drainage.



3 7a307ground 18629We are able to undertake bulk earthworks, site enabling works, drainage, foundation installation, services and hard landscaping works including the “black top” surfacing of roads and car parks.

pit c4c4fFrom F class loading AGL chambers to D class loading draw pits facilities, our capabilities are well regarded. ECI to detailed design can substantially reduce duct installation costs and time allowing early installation and commissioning of all AGL and data arrangements for upgraded systems or complete new system installations. 4 9bf24

8 aed97threshold b2bd0We have carried out a number of threshold reinstatements for clients.

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Construction and rehabilitation of footpaths.

pavement quality 60db0We provide a service of PQC bay construction in normal strength gain concrete. We also provide a service of rapid hardening concrete where works are undertaken in short duration night closures with the ability to return to normal operations the following morning. We have carried out these services at many different airports across the UK. Rapid hardening concrete is particularly useful for airfields with concrete runways or concrete taxiways that are constantly in use.

Key Contact: Tricia Green

Mobile: 07442 531152 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.