Concrete Cutting & Drilling

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Concrete cutting and drilling 1f5e8image 2 1d8ccAllied’s Concrete Cutting and Drilling Division provide cost-effective services and solutions for all types and size of projects nationwide. Each and every job is different – we will recommend the most appropriate technique and method to be utilised to ensure that works are completed on time and are as minimally disruptive as possible. Over 95% of our works are self-delivered.

Recent projects have included works for: Water Authorities and Water Operators, Utility Companies, Highway England Smart Motorway and Asset Support contract works, Premier League Football Clubs, Civil Engineering companies, a number of RAF locations, major International airports such as Manchester, Heathrow and Birmingham Airport and a number of Ports and Docks.


  • Diamond Drilling
  • Trailer Rigging
  • Diamond Stitch Drilling
  • Dowel Hole Drilling
  • Floor Sawing
  • Ring Sawing & Chain Sawing
  • Wire Sawing
  • Track Sawing
  • Concrete Bursting
  • Specialist Demolition
  • Percussive Drilling


1 59c36diamond drilling 8d9a5Diamond drilling is the most effective non-percussive method of creating holes ranging from 10mm to over 1000mm diameter to depths up to 15m. Core drilling can be carried out vertically, horizontally, at an angle or inverted.

Diamond drilling consists of the use of an electric or hydraulic rotary drill motor mounted on a drill rig using a diamond tipped core bit to cut through reinforced concrete and other construction materials, such as masonry, brick and blockwork. Drilling techniques are generally water flush to act as both coolant and to minimise dust, and for some applications dry techniques are available with suitable dust extraction. The drilling process is fast, quiet and accurate, is virtually dust free and imparts negligible vibration to either the operative or the structure.


3.1 af88bApplication Examples:

  • Stitch drilled openings
  • Runway lights
  • Road safety barriers and fence posts
  • Pile access holes
  • Anchor holes
  • Creating routing for cables and pipework
  • Test coring

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Floor sawing is typically used to form a break line or joint within asphalt or concrete surfaces such as floor slabs, bridge decks and on highway and airfield pavements.

We utilise self-propelled diesel and electric floor saws using diamond blades up to 1500mm diameter which will achieve a maximum cut depth of 600mm.

4 cae9aApplication Examples

  • Creating expansion joints
  • Removing damaged pavement sections
  • Create openings in concrete slab floors
  • Drainage ducts
  • Break lines in slabs and roads for duct trenches
  • Creating clean lines for joint sealant and crack repairs in asphalt and concrete highway and airport runway maintenance


ring saw a0563Ring & Chain saws are light and portable making them versatile, quick and efficient to operate and the technique can be used to cut through most construction materials.

Allied’s range include petrol and hydraulic saws. The hydraulic version is powered from either a petrol, diesel or electric power pack making it ideal for internal use to prevent any risk from potentially poisonous fumes.

The ring saw are low-noise and operate using a wet process which minimise dust and disruption, and can achieve a maximum cutting depth of 260mm using a 350mm diameter diamond blade thanks to its unique eccentric drive. The chain saw can achieve cuts up to 500mm, delivering the unique ability to cut square corners with no overcuts.

Application Examples

• An excellent complement to a track saw, to avoid overcutting at corners

• Cutting small openings and adjusting window and door openings

• Cutting concrete pipes

Limited access areas situation

track sawing 6083f5 3bfacA track mounted 415v 3 phase, high frequency motor is used to drive a diamond blade to form clean and precise cuts in most construction materials. The track is attached to vertical walls, steep inclines or floors where heavier floor saws cannot be used.

The saw components are small and light, making them versatile and manoeuvrable where space is limited and access is difficult. The saw can be fitted with diamond blades ranging in size from 500 to 1600mm to allow a maximum cut depth of 700mm. Track saws are operated remotely reducing any vibration or noise risks to the operator.

Application Examples

Cutting of precise door, vent and window openings

Lift shaft openings

Form break line to allow staircase demolition

Reduction of reinforced concrete walls and slabs

Flush cutting to adjacent structure


wire sawing 90e62Wire sawing employs the use of an electric drive unit and a series of pulleys to pull a loop of steel wire coated in diamonds through the steel reinforced concrete, masonry or metal.

Initially wire access holes are formed and the diamond wire is fed through the wire access holes and returned to the pulley system. The ends of the wire are then connected using a coupler and crimp tool to form a continuous loop. The wire is then rotated, held under tension and pulled through the material being cut. The machine is operated remotely by the operator.

6 8229dWire sawing offers versatile cutting options, with almost no restriction on cut depth, and is advantageous when working in environments sensitive to noise.

Application Examples

Cutting through concrete or steel pipes

Formation of openings to all sizes and almost any shape

Isolation cuts

Technical demolition of structural components (bridges, chimneys, foundations)

Forming break line to allow culvert and sewer demolition


bursting 101957 1e32cElectric or petrol power packs are used to drive the hydraulic burster head. The head is simply placed in pre-cut diamond drilled holes, on activation the pressures exerted cause the concrete to fracture, thus producing size reduced waste in a quiet, controlled and relatively dust-free manner.


Machine bases

Bridge columns

Reinforced concrete structures

Mass foundations


In premises that may be in continual use such as hospitals, factories, offices and hotels

  percussive 59c4f10-40mm diameter Ø holes are drilled into mass concrete using both electric and air driven tools, utilising a carbide tipped bit, generally to drill depths up to 500mm. Where access and situation permits the drills are rig mounted to avoid HAVs exposure. Use of hand held equipment follows strict guidelines with regard to usage, including review of industry guidelines and in house testing to monitor vibration exposure.

Application Examples

  • Anchor holes
  • Dowel bar installation


Our professional approach has resulted in long term relationships with our Clients resulting in frequent repeat  business.

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