Surface Preparation

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1 b8da4surface prep ca96aSurface preparation is carried out on a variety of surfaces usually to prepare the surface for a new coating or new lining. Surface preparation is utilised to ensure the condition of the surface being treated is adequate and has sufficient key for the new material or coatings to be applied.

Our techniques, which include recent innovations and standard techniques, can be used on concrete, asphalt and steel surfaces.

Our specialist and experienced team, based out of Saxilby in Lincolnshire are all CSCS/CPCS and NVQ accredited. Our works project varies from anti-skid, waterproofing removal and line marking removal to tamp removal and planing or scarifying across a number of private and public sector establishments.

Allied offers surface preparation techniques utilising planers, polyplaners, scarifiers, walk behind blasting captive blasting, runway grooving and diamond retexturing.



  • Preparing for the refurbishment of car parks, bridge decks, highways and runways
  • Steel preparation
  • Removal of asphalt, concrete and anti-skid
  • Retexturing of surfaces to bring back skid resistance
  • Removal of laitance on new concrete
  • Removal of screed, latex, resins, paints, vinyl’s and carpets


paning 753bePlaning is widely used in surface preparation to remove coatings/ surfacings. Allied have the widest selection of planing drum sizes available. Our planers can cut to a depth of 100mm and are used on roads, highways, car parks, bridge-decks and cycle-ways.

2 62858Application Examples

  • Removal of coatings on multi-storey car parks
  • Removal of latex and screeds
  • Removal of terrazzo/ceramic tile floors
  • Removal of waterproofing on bridge-decks
  • 3 3 016caRemoval of anti-skid
  • Removal of lines
  • Patch removal on highways
  • Joint cutting on bridge-decks and airfields
  • Performance joints on the airfields
  • Trimming up behind larger road planers
  • Planing footpaths and cycle ways

Wirtgen W350

Our Wirtgen W350 planers have 350mm drums which cut to 350mm wide and 100mm deep. They are used for normal, fine and micro-fine milling. Their low height and weight makes them suitable for use on multi-storey car parks.

Wirtgen W35

The Wirtgen W35 planer is a compact specialist machine with a cutting width of 500mm cutting to a depth of 100mm in one pass. These machines are suited to small works where normal or fine milling is required. They are often used for trimming behind, the larger planers. They are ideal for small patching works.

4 1 6e1d2Airtec RR300

The Airtec RR300 planers have the advantages and power of larger milling machines but their compact construction makes them highly versatile to use and easy to transport. They undertake micro-fine, fine and normal milling. This type of planer is extremely light which makes this model useful for working on car parks and bridges where weight is a key consideration. The planer weighs 1.8 tonnes, and can be fitted with 60mm to 400mm wide drums.

poly 7c7705 6e96bPolyplaners offer a specialist, innovative and new approach in surface preparation. Polyplaners are excellent for the removal of lines and concrete tamps, leaving a finish similar to grinding techniques. Allied has an innovative Schibeci polyplaner providing the most advanced polyplaning method available to date taking us well ahead of the competition. (There are only a couple available of these currently available in the UK.)

The Schibeci polyplaner is used as an attachment to a skid-steer. This is a non-intrusive cost effective method for removing markings and overbanding. The Schibeci can work close up to the surface edge reducing the need for manual edging work. The polyplaner’s grinding motion gives a smoother finish to the surface and results in less new material being required on the floor or deck making it a highly cost effective process. It has excellent results on concrete and is particularly effective with line removal where the markings are embedded into the asphalt or concrete. Polyplaning causes less damage to the surface than other conventional techniques.

Application Examples

Removal of coatings

  • Removal of waterproofing
  • Removal of concrete tamps
  • Removal of lines and over-banding
  • Edge-work

6 32848srifiers b2c42Dust-free floor preparation is recommended by all major coating manufacturers providing a suitable surface for re-application/future surface treatment. A scarified finish provides a greater surface area for surface adhesion for thick, tough, durable surface coatings. Scarifying is very effective when removing rubbery or sticky surfaces.

BW1600 Scarifier

Allied’s BW1600 ride-on scarifiers complement our range of planers. The scarifiers are even less intense than the polyplaners and a provide a completely dust-free process.

Application Examples

  • Removal of coatings, waterproofing, paints
  • Removal of lines
  • Removal of thin concrete tamps

cptive a731eCaptive blasting (shot blasting) is used to remove light surface coatings, providing a key for new coatings to be applied. This process is a completely dust-free method that efficiently exposes the fresh surface. It is ideal for use indoors on factory and workshop floors and outdoors on asphalt, concrete and steel surfaces.

Application Examples

  • Removal of lines, paints and other light surface coatings
  • Removal of laitance on new concrete
  • Steel preparation e.g. on ship decks and ramps
  • Retexturing surfaces to bring back skid resistance


groove 4 17c0arunway 3bd02Grooving is used to improve the drainage and to enhance the texture and skid resistance on runway surfaces.

Allied are able to undertake runway grooving and diamond retexturing to improve skid resistance on both newly laid and existing surfaces especially where drainage provisions have degraded.




Our professional approach and use of innovative products and machinery has resulted in long term relationships with our Clients resulting in frequent repeat business.

Key Contact: Alan Green, Surface Preparation Division Manager

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