Asphalt Preservation


What is Rhinophalt?

Rhinophalt® is a unique asphalt preventative maintenance treatment which preserves, protects and extends the life of all asphalt infrastructure, delivering substantial cost, operational and environmental benefits.


Rhinophalt preserves asphalt by:

  • Improving resistance to water ingress
  • Improving resistance to weathering
  • Improving aggregate cohesion

Used in the UK since 2000, with over 25 years of usage in the USA

Rhinophalt® penetrative asphalt preservative is a cold, spray applied extremely resilient binder material which penetrates into the top layer of the exposed bitumen in surfacing course materials to extend the life of the surface. The process is fast to apply and quick to cure. Rhinophalt can be used day or night where the surface temperature is 5ºC or rising.


Suitable for use on:

  • Airports Runways & Taxiways
  • Roads & Highways
  • Car Parks
  • Docks & Ports
  • Platforms
  • Cycleways
  • Pedestrian Areas

Rhinophalt – Product Overview

HAPAS approved since 2007

Asphalt preservation will seal in the existing flexible properties of the binder and will act as a protection system to slow down the ageing effects of the surface caused through oxidisation and weathering. Rhinophalt protects the condition of the existing road or airfield surface in its current state Suitable for use on all classes of bituminous road and airfield networks.


  • Any asphalt surfacing
  • Runways & Taxiways
  • Roads & Highways
  • Car Parks
  • Cycleways Ports & Docks
  • Railway platforms
  • Pedestrian Areas


  • HAPAS approved
  • Extends life of surfacing material
  • Improves resistance to water ingress
  • Improves aggregate cohesion
  • High CO2 savings compared with resurfacing
  • Reduces unplanned reactive maintenance
  • Quick process
  • Low cost

Asphalt Preservation in Action!

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