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Refer A Friend

You will soon be seeing flyers and posters advertising our new ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme. This scheme has been put together to support the recruitment needs of the business. If you refer a friend and they are successful in securing employment you will receive a £20 gift card of your choice and when the employee completes their 6-month probationary period you can choose a further £20 gift card.

We will be recruiting across all parts of the business, however, we are currently focusing on staff to join our Airfield, Highways & Defence Division.

If you require a form please contact Amy Stevenson.

Observations Incentive Scheme

There has been an increased focus in the industry and with our Clients on the need to record Positive Interventions/Near Misses/ Observations/Close Calls.

We have therefore introduced an Observations Incentive Scheme. Observation Cards will be made available to you in your pigeonholes, from your Supervisors or on request from Tricia Green. Should you observe any Health & Safety, Quality, Near Miss, Poor Practice, Environmental or Good Practice issues, incidents or behaviours you are requested and encouraged to please fill one of the cards in. (If you wish to remain anonymous you can).

The Observation/Close Call cards will be reviewed at the monthly SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment & Quality) Meetings and the most significant observation will be rewarded with a £50 reward voucher of your choice. Remedial action will be carried out to address all issues raised. Remember it is everyone’s legal obligation to obey H&S legislation and to work to site rules. If in any doubt about the safety on your works you are to stop work and raise your concerns.

We are looking for good practice ideas as well as safety concerns/issues.

If you have any questions on the scheme, please contact Claire Brown in the first instance. E: claire.brown@alliedinfrastructure.co.uk

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