Elasto-Thane 200


Fuel Resistant Joint Sealant for Concrete

ALLIED-BHX-101 (Medium)-min


  • All Airfield Pavements
  • Concrete roadways
  • Military Fuelling Bays
  • Industrial Hardstanding
  • Waste Facilities


  • Fuel resistant
  • Zero failure rate
  • Can be used for joints <50mm wide
  • Excellent recovery after periods of compression and elongation
  • Eliminates costly concrete repairs
  • Complies with BS5212
  • Cold applied and highly resilient
  • Apply any time of year

Over 2 million linear metres installed in the UK & Ireland with a zero failure rate. Elasto-Thane 200 is a two part extruded polyurethane fuel-resistant sealant. The sealant cures to a soft, flexible, tear-resistant rubber. It is highly resilient and has excellent recovery characteristics after extended periods of concrete compression or elongation. It can be used to seal joints up to 50mm wide. It is the only fuel-resistant concrete joint sealant that can be used for joints of this width. It has a 10 Shore ‘A’ hardness and has superior expansion and contraction rates compared to other concrete joint sealing products.


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