Maxi-Crete 20 & 40

MAXI-CRETE 20 & 40

Hot Applied Flexible Repair Materials for Concrete.

Maxi-Crete Bovington 5 (Small)


  • Roads and Highways
  • All Airfield Pavements
  • Surface Car Parks
  • Industrial Hardstanding


  • BBA HAPAS approved
  • Hard wearing repairs
  • High friction finish
  • Tailor-made to fit all defects
  • Concrete colour
  • Apply any time of year
  • Minimal traffic disruption
  • High performance
  • Rapid cure

Maxi-Crete is a unique BBA HAPAS approved hot applied resin based repair material suitable for all types of concrete. An impervious, impact resistant, highly flexible repair for cracks, spalls, pot holes, failed joints, thin bond repairs and most types of defects in concrete pavements to any depth and width. Used extensively on most UK international airports, motorways and military airfields. This unique, hot applied, resin based material extends and compresses with expansion and contraction of pavement. No need to reform joints through the finished repair. Repair can be re-opened within 60mins. Withstands vehicle traffic, aircraft movements and varying climate conditions. A fast, very cost effective treatment reducing the need for full depth repairs.


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