Maxi-Flex 50 & 100

Maxi-flex 50 & 100

Crack repairs and performance joints for Asphalt and Concrete.

Airbus Maxi-Flex 2015 (2) (Small)


  • Roads and Highways
  • All Airfield Pavements
  • Surface Car Parks
  • Industrial Hardstanding


  • Superior load bearing qualities
  • High resistance to trafficking
  • For reflective & fatigue cracking
  • Apply any time of year
  • Minimal traffic disruption
  • Extensive use on military & civil airfields

Maxi-Flex is an ideal solution to prevent asphalt cracking at concrete interfaces. Maxi-Flex is used as a stress absorbing recessed crack repair system which can be used all year round. Used for stress absorbing, recess repairs, reflective and fatigue cracking in road and airfield surfaces and for high performance joints in aircraft pavements. Maxi-Flex 100 offers excellent flexibility especially for transitional joint repairs. Harder grade Maxi-Flex 50 has superior load bearing qualities. Excellent adhesion and compression, improved resistance to wheel track deformation over a wide range of temperatures. Excellent for kerb sealing. Can be used as a SAMI. A blended polymer modified bitumen material suitable for year round use and fast to install.


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