Thin Veneer repairs for Asphalt and Concrete.

Ultra-screed (Small)


  • Roads and Highways
  • All Airfield Pavements
  • Surface Car Parks
  • Industrial Hardstanding


  • More economical than patching
  • Rapid cure
  • Regulates surface defects
  • High friction surface finish
  • Hard wearing thin-bond repair
  • Versatile material
  • Apply any time of year
  • High performance
  • Prevents FOD

A highly versatile filler for voids, shallow potholes, ravelled surfaces, lane joints and most surface course defects. Used for pre-surface dressing patches and screeded in layers to fill minor potholes. Recessed into airfield pavements over cracks and joints and other defects to prevent FOD issues. Suitable for asphalt and concrete surfaces and all classes of roads. A unique blend of resins, high PSV aggregates and polymers. Hot applied and results in an impervious, impact resistant and load bearing repair. Remains slightly flexible and leaves a high friction finish able to withstand heavy traffic. Curing in <30mins.


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