PEP-Coat 2010 Surfacing System


Seals and Protects Concrete Pavements

PEP-Coat Repair Control Point Heathrow (Small)


  • All Aircraft Pavements
  • Car Park
  • Decks and Ramps


  • Reduces damage to aircraft tyrest
  • Prevents water ingress
  • Reduces FOD risk
  • Protects from aviation fuel spillage
  • Durable surface protection
  • Alternative to full depth repairs
  • High friction finish
  • High performance system
  • Fast cure

Seals and protects concrete pavements from erosion, frost damage, aircraft fuel spillage and deicing chemicals. Prolongs service life and arrests further deterioration. Greatly reduces FOD from loose stones and other debris. If a high friction finish is required, suitable high PSV aggregates can be applied to the final wearing surface. A deep penetrating epoxy resin, hand applied directly to the surface. With an integral, fine, hardwearing surface aggregate, it provides an extremely robust finish that will withstand high volumes of aircraft traffic. An initial cure of 3-6 hours.


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