Innovative & Advanced Polyplaning

Polyplaners offer a specialist, innovative and new approach in surface preparation. Polyplaners are excellent for the removal of lines and concrete tamps, leaving a finish similar to grinding techniques. Allied has an innovative Schibeci polyplaner providing the most advanced polyplaning method available to date taking us well ahead of the competition. (There are only a couple of these currently available in the UK.)

Schibec Polyplaner

The Schibeci polyplaner is used as an attachment to a skid-steer. This is a non-intrusive cost effective method for removing markings and overbanding. The Schibeci can work close up to the surface edge reducing the need for manual edging work. The polyplaner’s grinding motion gives a smoother finish to the surface and results in less new material being required on the floor or deck making it a highly cost effective process. It has excellent results on concrete and is particularly effective with line removal where the markings are embedded into the asphalt or concrete. Polyplaning causes less damage to the surface than other conventional techniques.

Effective for Removal of coatings…

  • – Edge-work
  • – Removal of lines and over-banding
  • – Removal of waterproofing
  • – Removal of concrete tamps

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