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Planing is widely used in surface preparation to remove coatings/surfacings. Allied has the widest selection of planing drum sizes available. Our planers can cut to a depth of 100mm and are used on roads, highways, car parks, bridge-decks, and cycle-ways. We use some of the most advanced equipment known to the industry including Wirtgen W350, Wirtgen W35, and Airtec RR300.


Our Wirtgen W350 planers have 350mm drums which cut to 350mm wide and 100mm deep. They are used for normal, fine and micro-fine milling. Their low height and weight makes them suitable for use on multi-storey car parks.


The Wirtgen W35 planer is a compact specialist machine with a cutting width of 500mm cutting to a depth of 100mm in one pass. These machines are suited to small works where normal or fine milling is required. They are often used for trimming behind, the larger planers. They are ideal for small patching works.


The Airtec RR300 planers have the advantages and power of larger milling machines but their compact construction makes them highly versatile to use and easy to transport. They undertake micro-fine, fine and normal milling. This type of planer is extremely light which makes this model useful for working on car parks and bridges where weight is a key consideration. The planer weighs 1.8 tonnes, and can be fitted with 60mm to 400mm wide drums.

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